Inaccess Inbound Marketing campaign

Inaccess was established in 2000, with the vision to constantly reinvent, develop and deliver the most advanced infrastructure management systems. Inaccess is headquartered in London, UK, with US operations in San Jose, California, regional offices in Italy, India and Japan and its R&D center in Athens, Greece.

Its core product, insolar constitutes a state-of-the-art solution for the management of multiple and geographically distributed solar power plants. The system continuously monitors and controls the equipment of the plant aiming towards the recognition of operation failures, alarm detection, security and access control, collection and recording of statistical data and provision of integrated reports.
The challenge for our team was to help Inaccess to communicate its offering and get engaged with a world wide audience, using latest Digital Marketing practices, leveraging the power of Social Media networks and Content Marketing

We designed and executed successfully an integrated Inbound Marketing campaign based around a White Paper that Inaccess' engineers produced and our design teams handcrafted, an appropriately designed and implemented Landing Page where we've been asking our visitors to enter their contact details in order to download this interesting white paper. 

The Inbound Marketing campaign was integrated with a number of promotional and advertising activities such as Newsletter campaigns to existing Lead and Customer lists, targeted Linked Ads, Twitter Ads at least for our US based audiences, Banner campaigns at vertical solar power related portals and of course a full blown Google Search and Display campaign with carefully selected and continuously optimized keywords. 

The campaign was technically designed and tracked using a number of metrics and KPIs in order to provide a detailed view of each channel's ROI for current and future campaigns. 

Although we cannot publish the actual results, the number of leads generated during the 3-week execution period has exceeded our targets significantly, while the quality score of the leads generated is high. 

If you consider the fact that we know exactly how much is the cost per lead / channel, we believe that Inbound Marketing campaigns is something that every B2B company has to take into serious consideration. 

Don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or to discuss your own Inbound Marketing case. 

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