WWF Greece

A centralized campaign hub that promotes every support action and remains accessible to large audiences in a 24/7 frequency.

UX Design.
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Industry Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
UI Design.
  • Mobile First
  • Interface & Visual
  • Clear Navigation
  • User-Friendly
  • Action-Oriented
  • Error Prediction Scenarios
  • Front-End Accuracy
  • Speed Test Excellence
  • Special Content Editor
  • Content Components
  • Independent Content Creation
  • Multi-language Statistics Analysis
  • Reports Custom Tool

About WWF Greece

WWF Greece saves the common natural heritage of Europe and the Mediterranean, standing up for life in the wild: seas and coasts, forests and small wetlands, sea turtles and seals, sharks, vultures.
WWF Greece is a proud member of the international WWF family, which is determined to build a future where all humans live in harmony with nature.


Up until now, WWF ran successful campaigns with its representatives talking with people on the street. This success had to be brought to the online world, scaling the dialogue to a 24/7 campaign platform and reaching larger audiences.


Our teams delivered an online campaign and donations world - a site that guides visitors to internal pages that visualize main messages integrated with multiple donation opportunities.

User Experience Design that makes each campaign stand out

Each campaign serves a different purpose and calls to a unique action. This is clear to the visitor, that navigates through a masterfully arranged information.

WWF Greece logo

Action-Oriented User Interface

Site serves its purpose, to make visitors do something - to act.
Sticky menu, large CTAs, donations buttons act as the user’s map through the site.

Details that Matter

Hidden morse code in orange dashes and dots in the design.

Strong Photography

Black + White photography that points the significance of the action.


Fast, Agile, Custom-made

Front and Back end Development team delivered a mobile-first, fast and 5-language interconnected site, along with a special editor that gives content admins ultimate freedom in content component mobility and creation and custom reporting tools for each language.


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38 %
Conversion Rate
21 k
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