Web Design Development Services

You need a beautiful, fast, extensible, running 24x7, easy to manage, mobile-friendly website to bring your business online

We integrate design, content and technology to create tailor-made, results-oriented websites, driven by exceptional user experience

Web Design Development Services

All websites made by
Wedia are


We will help you define the real goals of your website - brand establishment, lead generation, online sales - and ensure their accomplishment

Enabling 360 digital transformation

We make sure that all departments -  Marketing, HR, Sales, R&D, Client Service - can use your website to communicate their messages and enhance their operations

Highly discoverable

We know that organic traffic is valuable. We apply SEO tactics by design, so your website scores high in search engines for the topics you care

Built with world-class platforms and tools

Our projects are used by millions of users every day, therefore we have carefully selected the best platforms, tools, design and implementation practices of the world 

Maintainable and extensible

We create websites that can be easily updated by your teams, and we can  continuously expand them, adding new sections and features, as your needs grow

Professionally delivered

Our well-defined methodology and a dedicated Project Manager will drive your project seamlessly to a   successful implementation

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How much does a
website made by
Wedia cost?

Our implementation standards require the involvement of various roles for certain time periods, depending on size and complexity of the project. Therefore, our smallest projects start from 15.000 EUR, medium ones range between 20-60.000 EUR, while we can support enterprise-level projects, influenced by factors such as:

Size and Variety

The number of content types and volume of information that needs to be managed and published, affect directly the size of the project. 
More layouts - desktop and mobile  - need to be designed and approved, more content needs to be uploaded or migrated, more team communications and project management time is required.

Content production

The most underestimated component - although the most significant - of a website design and development project, is its content strategy and production. 
The sources, the process and the team that is going to produce, review and optimize the content, - either text, images, infographics or videos - can extend the scope significantly. 

Technology and Features

Complex user interfaces,  workflows, commerce functionalities, interactive tools, integrations, information exchange with third-party systems, video broadcasting, real-time data displaying, community management, mobile applications, high traffic and high availability requirements, influence the scope of the project.

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