e-Commerce is the buying and selling of products online and it is a constantly increasing business model; these days, more and more physical stores turn to the online option as a way to boost their sales. However, creating and running an e-commerce store is not a simple process as anyone can build an online store but doing so successfully and delivering results is anything but easy.


A popular choice requiring a lot of hard work

Designing, developing and running an ecommerce website is a complex process which requires professionals from different disciplines to contribute. Among the tasks that need to be taken care of is deciding on the products to sell, taking professional pictures of those products, describing them online, optimising the content for SEO, choosing the colours for the website and the way the information is structured. All these are only some of the parameters that need to be considered and carefully tackled. In addition, when it comes to online stores, User Experience is key to its success; an online store must have impeccable User Experience because if this parameter is not addressed the user is swamped with products and they are more likely to leave the site overwhelmed. Make the check-out process too complicated and they will abandon the cart. Have a website with slow loading times and the customer gets frustrated. All these are necessary parameters that need to be addressed by professionals. They are the ones that can suggest the right ecommerce platform for your business; the one that will suit your brand’s needs.

How we do e-Commerce at Wedia

At Wedia we follow the developments in the field of e-Commerce and we are always up-to-date so as to be able to provide the best possible solution to our clients. We put a lot of effort and hard work into creating customised e-Commerce solutions for our clients in order to cater to their unique needs and objectives. We customise the eShop and optimise the experience and the sales.

Our case studies showcase the way we work

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