User Testing

User testing is the method which is applied on websites/ apps/ services and products as they are tested for their usability and functionality. The tests are performed by real users who sometimes are asked to explore the products and to perform certain tasks.

User Testing

Testing for usability and functionality saves you time and money

User Testing is a significant and invaluable process as it delivers great insight about the website/app/service/product tested. It is a critical part of the design process and if performed effectively, user testing saves you money in the long run. Through that process the design decisions are tested so that they will be refined and ready for the final launch. The process is long and it always requires a lot of time and effort, a great deal of preparation too. But the truth is that its results and conclusions, the feedback provided by the selected sample of users is invaluable. In fact, the information collected from that process is a great investment, one that can change the product for the better. It can help one understand whether the product works effectively or not and whether the users enjoy using it or they simply can’t stand it. It is good to schedule and perform more than one tests during the design and development process and at different stages. All these should be well-planned and carefully prepared.

How we do User Testing at Wedia

At Wedia, we pay great attention to the usability and the functionality of a website/app/service or product. For this, we emphasise on User Testing and its significance. We go out of our way to prepare and run well-orchestrated tests throughout the design and development process. We receive valuable feedback and reiterate accordingly until we deliver the best result to our clients.

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