Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a valuable tool for a business. When performed right, it enhances a brand’s sales, it connects a brand with its audience, it maintains direct communication and fosters engagement.

Email Marketing

Email marketing: where segmentation and relevance thrive

Email marketing is far from easy. It needs careful planning and strategising, always with the customer/reader in mind. Email marketing needs to be frequent enough to establish communication but not tiresome; informative but not boring; promotional but not salesy. It is about finding the right balance between what the brand wants to communicate and what the reader wants to receive. If the email’s content does not relate to the reader then the email is doomed to fail (remain unopened). Building a mailing list (and not buying one), maintaining it healthy and updated, and segmenting the subscribers accordingly are some of the best practices of email marketing. When used wisely and professionally, email marketing helps nourish the relationship between your business and your customers and build a long-term collaboration and trust.

How we do email marketing at Wedia

At Wedia, we take time to study and analyse your business and with your brand’s objectives in mind, we plan out a detailed email marketing strategy. We get our teams of professionals to create customised email templates, specifically designed for your brand to suit its needs and to make it stand out. We craft the messages of each email campaign carefully and with your goals in mind we use automation tools to guarantee a flawless email marketing flow that yields results.

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