Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a popular term. It is not its popularity though that makes it imperative for websites; it is its value and its long-term results that make SEO significant. Search Engine Optimization is the multi-layered process of tweaks and fine-tunings that a website undergoes so that it ranks higher on search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization

A challenging yet rewarding process

Search Engine Optimization goes hand in hand with Content marketing. A SEO strategy takes into consideration the brand (the industry too) and the keywords related to it that the users search online. Those keywords are selected, examined and targeted and Content Marketing strategies are built around those. In a carefully mapped out Strategy, website assets and content get to be optimised to the fullest to help propel the website to higher ranking during an engine search. This makes SEO a complicated and challenging process affected by multiple parameters. Namely, content is optimised with frequent repetitions of the targeted keywords and key phrases in the context. The keywords are also featured in the meta titles and the image descriptions. Site structure is fine-tuned and the images and rich media file sizes optimised for performance. For if a website is too slow to load, this too will have an impact on its SEO ranking. Search Engine Optimisation is a detailed task yet when done right it pays off and it guarantees long-term traffic to a website.

How we do SEO at Wedia

At Wedia, we take the time to examine your website’s SEO status, we perform an audit and we come up with solutions to help you build or adjust your Search Engine Optimization strategy. Our team of professionals conducts thorough research to locate the valuable keywords your business should target. We keep a close eye on the competitors to adjust our strategy accordingly and we also keep an eye on the trending keywords of the niche your business is in. We build a holistic Search Engine Optimization strategy covering all aspects and parameters and we leave nothing to chance as we continually adjust our strategising so as to help your brand achieve its goals.

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