Paid Media Advertising

Paid Media Advertising is a method that businesses follow by sponsoring their content on Social Media platforms and networks, in the form of Social Media Ads. Paid Media Advertising is different from earned/owned advertising. As the latter focuses on promoting a business or a brand without having to pay for exposure.

Paid Media Advertising

A well-orchestrated approach to successful results

When mapping out a well-orchestrated Digital Marketing strategy, Paid Media Advertising plays an integral part in it. This is why the whole process requires careful planning, running and monitoring to continuously keep an eye on the performance of Paid Media Ads; to tweak and optimise them so as to deliver great results. In order for these to run successfully a detailed background knowledge of the bidding strategies and the targeting tactics for each platform is required. This is why you need a professional to help you create, run and optimise Paid Media campaigns. Each Social Media Platform and Network has its own Ads and so do the search engines eg. Google Ads. There are many different types of Paid Media Ads such as those for which a brand pays per click (PPC) or those which are cost-per-mille (CPM) and the brand is charged by the impressions of the Ad. All these can be used to effectively generate more traffic, to bring in more leads, to establish brand awareness.

How we do Paid Media Advertising at Wedia

At Wedia we always pay attention to the needs and objectives of a business. We study it meticulously and carefully plan, run, monitor and optimise the Paid Media Advertising Campaigns. We have a standard methodology and a well-tested approach which we customise to meet a brand’s needs and embark on delivering successful results.

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